New Era Wrestling

  1. What is New Era Wrestling?

    New Era Wrestling is a professional wrestling promotion based in South West Florida (Fort Myers, Florida).

  2. What exactly does New Era Wrestling do?

    New Era Wrestling provides live professional wrestling events and is always available for bookings, whether it be charity event, business function, fund raiser, party, etc.  Interested in having a show in your area?  Just call us!

  3. What type of wrestling can I expect to see at a New Era Wrestling event?

    A wide variety.  New Era Wrestling has wrestlers with a vast variety of different wrestling styles: power wrestlers, high flyers, technicians, showboats, eccentrics, etc. 

  4. I am interested in scheduling a New Era Wrestling event, how can I do this?

    Very easy.  Just call (239) 244-7905

  5. Does New Era Wrestling have a Facebook page?

    Yes!  Visit  www.facebook.com/NEW.NewEraWrestling and become a fan today!

  6. Where does New Era Wrestling typically operate?

    As of now New Era Wrestling has primarily held shows in South West Florida (Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Etc.), however New Era Wrestling can travel so any area is feasible.

  7. How can I watch past New Era Wrestling events?

    Videos of previous events can be found in our "Match Videos" category in the list on the right. 

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