Interview With Carrion

Posted by New Era Wrestling on June 14, 2014 at 2:30 PM

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Interview with Carrion!

NEW:Our guest this week is Carrion, who will be a part of NEW Retaliation next week from the Riverside Community Center.

NEW: How are you doing today and thanks for being here with us.

Carrion: Thanks for having me.

NEW: Our first question is what are your thoughts on your opponent at Retaliation Richie Paradise?

Carrion: Richie Paradise thinks of himself as a top shelf talent. Every match I watch him compete in, he struts around like he's got it all. Next week, he may think the grass is greener on the other side, but it's not. That's simply because I'M on the other side. It's time Paradise has a nightmare and I will be honored to give him one.

NEW: There is a noticeable difference in wrestling styles between you two. Will it be difficult to adapt to his style as you prepare for the match?

Carrion: He has his style, I have my style; two very different styles. He may be the bigger man, but I'm faster, more agile. It won't be long into the match before I wind him down and finish him.

NEW: With the history of Paradise trying to remove the masks of his opponent like when he tried removing the mask of Blanco Loco during their Florida State Championship match, are you concerned that he might try the same with you in your match??

Carrion: There's no doubt in my mind that he will try to take my mask off. He did not succeed while trying to unmask Blanco Loco. Blanco is a friend of mine and the other half of Lucha Chaos. I am a lucha libre wrestler. Playing with MY mask is the equivalent of playing with fire. To sum it down, it would be wise of him to not do this.

NEW: Speaking of the Florida State Championship and your friend Blanco Loco, if Loco wins his unification match, would you want to go after the championship??

Carrion: Me? A championship? Of course I would be interested in a title match. Any title for that matter. If it just so happens to be a match against Blanco, then let it be. We will tear the house down with no hard feelings.

NEW: Is there anything else you would like to say? To your fans or anyone else reading this??

Carrion: Expect the best from me every time I'm in the ring. That, not only, goes toward the fans but to everyone, including the entire roster. Richie Paradise... you have been warned.

NEW: Confidence coming from what seems to be an eager but ready Carrion going into Retaliation. Thank you for joining us today and good luck against Richie Paradise next week!

Carrion: Thank you.

NEW: Check in soon for more exclusive interviews only on the NEW website. Until next time, hope to see you all June 17th for NEW Retaliation!

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