Exclisive Interview With Dravin Frost

Posted by New Era Wrestling on May 10, 2014 at 4:20 PM

Exclisive Interview With Dravin Frost

NEW: NEW fans, welcome to the very first interview exclusively for the NEW website! Our first guest will be none other than Dravin Frost.Thank you for your time.

Frost: Glad to be here.

NEW: I want to begin to ask how you are after the whole horrific incident involving your fiancé this past Tuesday at Deception.

Frost: I'm feeling anger and pain. Brittany should have never been brought into the situation with Deakon and myself. My pride was damaged because of him like a Roman gladiator losing his wife to a power hunger king.

NEW: I understand completely. I was shocked myself as was everyone else in attendance. What is her status today?

Frost: She is feeling better. Still a little shook up.

NEW: Glad to hear she’s getting better. All of us wish her the best in her recovery.

Frost: Thank you.

NEW: Switching subjects, you were named the number one contender this past week for the NEW Heavyweight Championship and the dominating Michael Kai Rayne. With everything going on with Brittany, what was your reaction when you heard the news??

Frost: I was excited but still angry with my current situation.

NEW: Will you be mentally ready for the championship match at Retaliation June 17th??

Frost: I will be ready June 17th mentally and physically to the fullest. I just hope Michael Kai Rayne is ready to go to war with me.

NEW: I know you are busy so I want to conclude this interview to see if you have any words to your fans that are reading this???

Frost: To my fans, thank you for all the hope and best wishes for Brittany. We will pull through this mayhem that has spun into a tornado. We will defeat all that stands in our way. Welcome to the New Age.

NEW: We will be watching for sure and hoping for the best. Thank you again for your time.

Frost: No, thank you.

NEW: Deakon Star was asked for comment on this situation and he has declined for any interviews at this time. NEW fans, check back soon for more updates exclusively on the New Era Wrestling website. Thanks for reading!

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Reply Christopher
1:39 PM on May 11, 2014 
Cant wait to see Dravin take out Deakon!!!