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New Era Wrestling officials have granted Joey Bydafoodcourt's request of making his upcoming title match a UNIFACATION match! It will not only be the Florida State Title on the line but the NEW Lightweight Title as well. Joey & his PRICS are truly looking to take over NEW. 



5-6-2014 New Era wrestling: Deception

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NEW: Deception: Fort Myers, FL

Kobayashi Khoi beat Deakon Starr (8:50)

Richie Paradise pnned Mike Dubz (referee did not see Robbie Rockefeller holding Dubz' leg down)  (8:58)

Giovanni the Greatest beat Dravin Frost and Carrion in a 3-way match (9:25)

DB Harrison defeated  Tim Serrago in a "Loser Gets Fired" match (11:28)

Joey Bydafoodcourt won an over-the-top-rope battle royal, defeating Puerto Rican Hound Dog, Boston Bad Boy, DB Harrison, Giovanni the Greatest, Romeo, Stormie Lee, Justin Towler, Deakon Starr, Rogue Pain, Cubantude Guerrera, Carrion, Eli, Richie Paradise, Kobayashi Khoi and Bishop (12:58)

Heavyweight Title: New Era Wrestling Heavyweight Champion  Michael Kai Rayne retained his title by defeating the Florida State Champion Blanco Loco (12:50)

October 15th, 2013 - New Era Wrestling presents: "Dead to Rights" - Riverside Community Center in Fort Myers, FL

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Event Recap:

 * "Big Country" Mark Boswell defeated Deakon Starr.  After the match they showed respect for eachother and shook hands

* "The Puerto Rican Authority" Romeo & Eli defeated American Superstar & Tupak

 * N.E.W.'s first female wrestler Lena Taylor defeated male opponent DB Harrison in her debut match

 * Dravin Frost defeated Ethan Carnage

 * Kenneth Hughes made a surprise return to New Era Wrestling, and made an open challenge, specifically calling out David Pierce.  When Pierce responded, Kenneth Hughes announced Pierce would facing Richie Paradise as his "suitable replacement" 

 *  David Pierce defeated Richie Paradise.  After the match Paradise and Hughes brutally attacked Pierce, including smashing him in the head with a metal briefcase and piledriving Pierce on the ring apron.  David Pierce was carried from ringside on a backboard by medics

 * Southbeach Stud" Mike Dubz won the N.E.W. Lightweight championship in a fatal 4-way match vs Joey Bydafoodcourt, Justin Cage, and Giovanni the Greatest

 * Justin Matthews defeated Zack Monstar when the referee was injured, and Jordan Owens made himself the replacement referee.  Jordan "fast counted" Monstar when Matthews had him pinned

  * N.E.W. Heavyweight Champion "Big Time" Tim Serrago retained his title,  defeating Michael Kai Rayne in a Last Man Standing match

October 1st, 2013: New Era Wrestling: LIVE! at Riverside Community Center in Fort Myers, FL

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Event Recap:

*"The Puerto Rican Authority" Eli & Romeo defeated Tupak & American Superstar

* Oro Tanaka defeated Richie Paradise to earn a 1 year contract with N.E.W., then revealed himself to be the recently fired Ethan Carnage

* "Brooklyn Bully" Joey Bydafoodcourt defeated "Dragonheart Warrior" David Pierce

* Zack Monstar and Dravin Frost defeated DB HArrison and Justin Matthews to become the new N.E.W. tag team champions.   After the match The Round Table attacked DB Harrison, beating him brutally

* Giovanni the Greatest defeated "Big Country" Mark Boswell

* New Era Wreslting Heavyweight Champion "Big Time" Tim Serrago and "Morningstar" Michael Kai Rayne fought to a double count-out.  They continued to fight eachother after the match until the other wrestlers in the N.E.W. locker room and security pulled them apart.  It was then announced at the next N.E.W. event the 2 would face off in a Last Man Standning match

"Quarrel in Cape Coral" Fun!Raiser for Scoliosis Event 9/15/2013

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Event Recap:


* Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Sinn Bodhi & Zack Monstar defeated Giovanni The Greatest, Justin Matthews & Eli when Jake Roberts pinned Giovanni after hitting the DDT


* Stevie Richards & Shooter Storm defeated CJ O Doyle & Sunny Days


* Kenneth Cameron defeated David Pierce


* Torcher defeated Michael Patrick


* Dravin Frost defeated Tommy Taylor


* Punchy the Clown defeated Leroy Patterson


* "Morningstar" Michael Kai Rayne defeated the 666 pound Tweedle Die



N.E.W. Retaliation (June 16th, 2013)

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Event Re-Cap

* The Event opened up with Team 1% conducting a mock funeral ceremony for "Big Time" Tim Serrago, saying he was finished and buried.  N.E.W. CEO Rex Maxwell annouced Tim Serrago would face Michael Kai Rayne and Mike Dubz in a special challenge, and if Serrago is victorious, then he  would get to select the rules for his championship rematch.

* "Dragonheart Warrior" David Pierce defeated Deakon Starr

* Joey Bydafoodcourt scored a pinfall victory over "Mad" Max Sawyer, when Dravin Frost came to ringside and caused Sawyer to become distracted

*  Zack MonStar & Justin Matthews defeated Giovanni Casanova & DB Harrison

* Newcomer Syther was victorious in his New Era Wreslting debut, defeating N.E.W. Heavyweight Champion Richie Paradise via countout after spraying Richie in the face with green mist

* "Big Time" Tim Serrago deafeated Michael Kai Rayne & Mike Dubz in a special challenge, earing him the right to at a shot at the Heavyweight championship in a match of his chosing.  Tim Serrago decided he would challenge for Richie Paradise's title in a Casket Match

May 14th, 2013: N.E.W. LIVE! at Riverside Community Center

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Event Re-cap:

* New Era Wrestling Lightweight Champion Giovanni Casanova deated David Pierce

*  "Motion Picture" Justin Matthews Vs. DB Harrison was  interrupted by Giovanni Casanova attacking Matthews, which lead to N.E.W. CEO Rex Maxwell announcing Zack MonStar's return to N.E.W., and changed the match to a tornado tag match.

*  Zack MonStar & "Motion Picture" Justin Matthews defeated Giovanni Casanova & DB Harrison in a tornado tag team match

* "The Voice" Justin Michaels (accompanied by "Mad" Max Sawyer) conducted an interview segment. 

* Joey Bydafoodcourt defeated Dravin Frost

* N.E.W. Tag Team Champions Team 1% (Michaeil Kai Rayne & Mike Dubz) retained their titles by deafeating 1st Degree.

* As the main event of champion "Big Time" Tim Serrago Vs. challenger Richie Paraduse was being announced, N.E.W. GM Jordan Owens annouced the referee of the match was Mike Dubz, and Michael Kai Rayne would be the outside enforcer.  Richie Paradise scored the pinfall over Serrago after a lot of help form both Duz and Rayne.  After the match Paradise and Rayne handcuffed Serrago to the ropes and beat him severely with weapons including chairs, a door, kendo sticks, a metal pipe, and a police ASP baton.